The Best Yoga Studios near Annapolis for Your New Year’s Resolution

January 22nd, 2018 by

Now that the new year has started, it’s important to follow through with your resolutions, so you make this year a great one. Getting into shape is usually the number one pick for people, so if you’re trying to find the right place to help you get in shape, but you’re not a fan of gyms and fitness centers, we’ve got some great picks for you.

Here’s a list of the best yoga studios near Annapolis for your New Year’s resolution.


1834 George Avenue, Annapolis, MD Facebook | Twitter

If you’re seeking out the right fitness center that offers a variety of styles and options, Evolutions may be worth checking out. There’s group fitness classes, plenty of cardio equipment, and even strength training. If you’re looking to increase your flexibility and stamina while achieving spiritual relaxation, you’ll want to sign up for one of their yoga classes. They offer a number of classes tailored to the different skill levels, as well as styles. Check out Evolutions in Annapolis to help you stay true to your resolution.

Ridgely Retreat

203 Ridgely Avenue, Annapolis, MD | Facebook

When you want to take your yoga education and lifestyle seriously, you’ll want to seek out a place like Ridgely Retreat. This yoga studio offers numerous classes with different instructors to provide a multi-level experience encompassing a variety of styles and poses. These fun yet sweat-inducing classes not only help you learn as much as possible, but they help you achieve your fitness goals. Ridgely Retreat also offers skin care services like facials, laser treatments, and microdermabrasion services.

Simply Stronger

1610 West Street, Suite 204, Annapolis, MD | Facebook

The instructors at Simply Stronger are certified and have years of experience under their belt. Their love of yoga truly shows in their varying class schedule. You can even opt for personal training if you’re looking for more of a one-on-one kind of experience with your yoga journey. They even offer massage therapy, so you can take a class and push yourself and your flexibility, and then relax with a soothing massage afterwards. You can sign up for weekly classes or you can simply drop in to get your yoga in.

If you’re seeking out the right yoga studio in the Annapolis area, these three locations come highly rated among yoga enthusiasts and students.

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