How Long Do Brake Pads Last?

Replacing Brake Pads

Drivers like you in Annapolis, Highland Beach, and Hillsmere Shores know the importance of a good set of brakes. But, you may not know much about the brake pads, including when they need to be replaced.

Because they’re such an integral part of a braking system, they need to be changed regularly. But, how long do brake pads last? The answer isn’t so clear-cut, so we’ll give you the details below.

Read through our guide on brake pads, and contact BMW of Annapolis when you need a new set for your automobile.

Brake Pad Lifespan

Brake Pad MaintenanceBrake pads generally last between 25,000 and 65,000 miles. Some cars, though, might not need a brake pad replacement until 70,000 or 80,000 miles.

There are several factors that play into this wide range. The biggest has to do with your driving habits. But, the type of brake pad you use can also affect how long they last.

Types of Brake Pads

There are three main types of brake pads: organic, semi-metallic, and ceramic. Organic brake pads are made from such materials as glass, fiber, carbon, and Kevlar. They’re soft, quiet, and don’t produce much dust. However, they only work well under a limited temperature range and can wear out quickly compared to other brake pads.

Semi-metallic brake pads contain about 30% to 65% metal by weight. They consist of materials like steel, iron, or copper mixed with friction modifiers and fillers. They have an increased braking performance over organic and can also work well under extreme temperatures. But, they tend to be quite noisy, can produce more brake dust, and can wear the brake rotors quickly.

The last type is ceramic. These brake pads are comprised of a dense ceramic material and copper fibers. They’re the quietest and the longest-lasting type of brake pads. However, they’re usually the most expensive, and may not be ideal in very cold climates.

Ways to Extend the Life of Your Brake Pads

Slamming on Your BrakesChoosing the right type of brake pad for your automobile can help them last a long time. But, more importantly, adjusting your driving style can help increase the lifespan of your brake pads.

When you drive fast and then abruptly apply the brakes, that puts a great deal of wear and tear on the brake pads. So, you want to get into the habit of taking your foot off the gas pedal well before you need to stop. The engine will do some of the work, so you don’t wear down the pads as quickly.

Aside from driving habits, keeping up with maintenance can extend your brake pads’ lifespan. Brake fluid needs to be flushed out regularly. That’s because the fluid attracts water, which can cause internal corrosion and ruin critical rubber seals. By getting new brake fluid when needed, you can help the brakes work better and last longer.

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While there’s no definitive answer on how long brake pads last, they’ll eventually need to be replaced. When that time comes, simply schedule service at BMW of Annapolis. Our technicians will get to work right away to help keep you safe around Annapolis, Highland Beach, and Hillsmere Shores.