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    Make Way for this Muscle-Bound Monster: 2015 BMW 6-Series

    Our beloved Bavarian brand enjoyed somewhat of a renaissance this year, as they introduced a slew of all-new models to the lineup.  There's a pair of curious crossovers - the X4 and X6 - that enter the niche and novel "Sport Activity Vehicle" segment, as well as a duo of EVs - the i3 and i8.  As a result of this rapid expansion, we at BMW of Annapolis were left wondering: is there still room within the…

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    MINI History of BMW

    BMW has a great history dating back to the early 1900s when they were a manufacturer of aircraft engines, and they have taken the automotive market by storm. For more in depth history, there is a museum where you can see all the facts about the brand in one place dating back to its earliest moments. In recent history, they acquired MINI, which now has its own space inside the museum. There is quite a…

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    2015 BMW M4: Worth the Wait

    If you're anything like us at BMW of Annapolis then you believe that life is simply too short to drive a car that you don't love. Life is also far too short to pay too much money for a car that's boring to drive and fails to deliver on expectations.

    With those thoughts in mind, you'll want to take the wheel of the first-ever 2015 BMW M4 as it offers scintillating?

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    New BMW M Models Kick it Up a Notch

    If there was one way we could describe the BMW lineup, it would be "versatile" and "expansive." That's because not only does the brand make models that fit virtually every segment in the luxury category, they also fill the niches as well. And if there is no niche to fill, they create one and fill it thusly.

    Such is the case with the new X5 M and X6 M. While there are several examples…

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    The Ageless BMW 327 Retains Its Youth

    It is no surprise to us that there is a 77 year old BMW turning heads; we know the brand can maintain its charm and style over time. But we found a video which gives a more in depth look at the history of the BMW 327 and as luck would have it, we've posted it below. Take a look.

    Aging gracefully must run in the family, and if you're in the market…

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    BMW Premiere 2 Series Convertible and 2015 X6 at Paris Motor Show

    Here at BMW of Annapolis, we've been looking forward to the Paris Motor Show for two reasons: the BMW X6 and the new BMW 2 Series Convertible.  These two models made their official debuts at this venue, and we can't wait to share all of the details with our fellow fans here in the Baltimore, MD area.

    The 2 Series Convertible is slated to join the new BMW lineup in our Annapolis, MD?

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    BMW i8 Features Are Now Found on Some Other New Models

    Innovation is the name of the game when it comes to the BMW new model lineup, and perhaps the best example of this dedication to innovation is the all-electric sports car i8 model. The model is so innovative in fact, that some features originally found only on the i8, have made their way to others. Let's take a look.

    Yes indeed, while the i Series remain the only all-electric models offered by our automaker…

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    BMW Celebrates 30 Years of the M5 with Exhilarating Drifting Video

    Can you tell from our last blog post how much of a thrill we get of watching fast and stylish BMW models zip around? We couldn?t resist showing you yet another model of a very special model drifting around a track, and looking good while doing it.

    The model you just witnessed is none other than the 30th anniversary special edition of the BMW M5. This particular unit is being called the "30 Jahre…

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    BMW M235i Performs Amazingly in Hands of Drift Champ

    The coupe body type is a very sporty one, and the BMW M235i is an amazing expression of that form. The model has been promoted in some fittingly innovative ways by our automaker, and the footage is truly amazing. The video below features world drifting champion Rhys Millen behind the wheel of one, but first, let's look at the specs.

    The model features sharp exterior designs, with a redesigned bumper highlighted by the iconic…

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    The BMW M4 Quickly Introduces Itself to Annapolis

    When it comes to new BMW models, it isn't just enough to offer power, performance, and precision. Sure, there's lasting style to consider, too, but when our favorite brand rolls out a new ride, they like to really make an entrance with it. And our Annapolis, MD team can certainly appreciate that.

    Get a feel for what we're getting at in the fast-paced preview for the all-new BMW M4 below.


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