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    2014 BMW Lineup Adds Revolutionary i8 Model

    Exciting news to report here today at BMW of Annapolis about a very futuristic addition to our inventory of 2014 BMW new model lineup members here at our Annapolis, MD showroom. That new addition is the unbelievably amazing BMW i8 model, a hybrid model that is a BMW in every sense of the word from the ground up. Starting on the exterior, the model truly looks like a car of the future, the type that…

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    Funny New Ad Warns Against Waiting on a New BMW

    Nothing lasts forever postulates a hilarious new ad from our automaker promoting their brand new 2014 BMW new model lineup available here at our Annapolis, MD showroom. In that ad, a man who is on the verge of purchasing a new BMW model flashes back to times in his life when he missed valuable opportunities, and wishes he could take those back. However, he has a brand new opportunity to make the right choice and…

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    2014 BMW X4 Arrives in Serious Style

    Exciting news to report here today at BMW of Annapolis as BMW is adding a very exciting and unique model to the always amazing 2014 BMW new model lineup, available here at our Annapolis, MD showroom. That additional model is brand new X4 model, which situates itself quite nicely within the lineup in between the sedan models and the SAV models in terms of body type. Upon first glimpsing this X4 model, it is hard…

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    BMW Debuts the 4 Series Gran Coupe Model at Geneva

    Big news here on a new four-door compact model for BMW here at BMW of Annapolis in Annapolis, MD. Set to seriously spice up the already amazing BMW new model lineup, BMW has just debuted the upcoming BMW 4 Series Gran Coupe model at the Geneva Auto Show in Switzerland, and the model is slated to be a well-rounded and gorgeous finishing touch on a truly amazing offering of models for BMW. Let's dive…

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    Video Showcases the Design Behind the i3

    The new electric lineup of vehicles from our brand is like nothing we have ever seen here at BMW of Annapolis.  However, where they differ from the classic technology and design of our German rides they still live up to the traditions of drivability and quality engineering.

    In a new video from our brand the BMW i3 stars alongside the man who designed it, Benoit Jacob.  The footage shows off the sleek modern look and...

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    The US Olympic Team to Compete in Sochi with a BMW Bobsled

    Usually we're pretty consumed with design, performance, and speed on the road here at our BMW dealership in Annapolis, MD, but we're an open minded bunch, so we'll step out of our comfort zone every now and then. With that in mind, we're turning our attention to the ice.

    We're not the only ones shifting our focus, either. In fact, BMW swapped the race track out for a long winding…

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    Watch the BMW i3 in Action, as it Quietly Zooms around a Test Track

    As BMW works to expand its lineup of eco-friendly models, we are hearing more and more about its exciting all-electric vehicle. The BMW i3 is not only efficient, but it offers the power and agility that you just wouldn't expect from a car of such compact size.

    To give auto enthusiasts a better idea of the performance it offers, BMW released a video of the model on a test track. All of us here...

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    BMW Expands Production in Brazil

    BMW Expands Production in Brazil

    We wouldn't be where we are today if it weren't for the incredible and persistent work of BMW's production facility workers. Seizing an opportunity, the Bavarian automaker announced that it will be expanding its production capacity on a continent BMW a car-production hasn't laid ground on ever before.

    That's about to change now that BMW will now have a new facility in South America in?

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