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    There Is No Such Thing as Impossible for BMW

    At BMW of Annapolis , we don't believe in the word impossible. Our staff is committed to helping you throughout the entirety of your car buying and ownership process, no matter what it takes. They place you first and dealership earnings last because so long as you are behind the wheel of your desired ride and have the tools to effectively tackle the journey ahead of you, we are content. BMW follows a similar rule of thumb in its engineering.

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    BMW X1 is Larger and More Stylish

    Chances are you've heard that BMW has a new X1 in the works. Now in its second generation, the Bavarian SAV is getting meatier in every conceivable way, from looks, to performance, and even in interior space and volume. Needless to say, we're pretty stoked, and can't wait for its arrival this autumn. Unlike the model it replaces, the new X1 rides higher, ditching the long hood treatment for more cabin and cargo space. The higher proportions also have done wonders for the model's roofline, which
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    Take Charge of Your Shopping Experience With BMW Individual

    When purchasing a new vehicle, you should never settle. Compromising style for innovative technology is never the outcome of a positive shopping experience. But how can you have the best of both worlds, you ask? Watch the video below to find out. With BMW Individual, you choose from a variety of our interior and exterior options, like iridescent paint finishes, detailed wooden interior trim, and lush Merino leather. You can even use the interactive BMW Individual iPad App to preview your creati
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    BMW Stuns With Lavish Sixth-Gen 7 Series

    Those who follow the automotive news gauntlet will know that BMW has been studying advanced technologies and eco-conscious construction processes for quite some time now. You might recognize a few names, such as BMW CarbonCore and Laser Light LED tech. At long last, we'll get to see all of these in action in a new production car: the 2016 7 Series.

    Unveiled last week to the world at large, the sixth-generation of the Bavarian…

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    Feel the Difference with BMW X5 eDrive Comfort Mode

    BMW's first Sports Activity Vehicle, the X5, is about to add an entire new dimension to intelligent driving.  The X5's eDrive system combines all-wheel drive components with a plug-in hybrid system to generate exceptional dynamics with environmental consciousness.  The default setting for the eDrive system is Comfort Mode.  This setting offers comfortable, sporty handling while utilizing the vehicle's electric power.  When the battery reaches a particular low level, the combustion engine will…

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    Amazing Amenities Abound: 2015 BMW 3 Series

    If you're shopping about the compact sport sedan segment, you should do yourself a solid and scope ours, the swift and spiffy 2015 BMW 3 Series.  Take it from us: this high-octane head-turner is not one to disappoint.  Drink it all in:

    One really cannot go wrong with any of the 3 Series' varied trim levels.  Even the entry-level model is stocked to the gills with amazing, standard amenities.  But, what about if you…

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    Sneak-Peek: The All-New BMW 7 Series

    If you can believe it, the already well-established 7 series has been upgraded.  Here at BMW of Annapolis we are proud to have a manufacturer that never stops improving upon the structure and overall design of its vehicles.  The all-new 7-series is bound to be amazing and while we cannot see it yet, a few of its cutting-edge features have been revealed.  Check out the video below to get a sneak-peek at the future of…

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    BMW delights a toy car producer with day on the track in the M4

    Truly one of the most exciting models on the market today, it must have been such a fun surprise when our automaker asked a well-known toy car producer to test the BMW M4. And the footage from the event certainly backs that statement up. Have a look.

    Beautiful, isn't that? From your first glimpse at the substantial, aggressive designed M4, you know it was just born to perform. Large air-intakes on the front end…

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    BMW i8 Tapped for Prestigious World Green Car Award

    The BMW i8 was selected as the winner of the prestigious World Green Car Award at the 2015 New York International Auto Show. With its sporty driving experience and groundbreaking plug-in technology, the BMW i8 is far from being an average sports car.

    If you've yet to acquaint yourself with BMW's revolutionary sports car, take a moment to view the video below and prepare yourself to be very impressed:

    As the most attractive…

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    BMW Accepts the Mission in Mission: Impossible

    BMW has accepted the mission of delivering high-adrenaline automotive stunt scenes in the next Mission: Impossible movie coming out in July 2015. Brace yourself for ample amounts of action in the latest trailer for Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation:

    The IMF is always guaranteed to deliver heart-stopping action and the BMW M3 is the perfect choice for such precise driving sequences. At BMW of Annapolis, our team looks forward to seeing the BMW M3 in its…

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